Another show in Calgary and some admin matters

I was hoping to get two shows in this week in Calgary, but while I did get a spot at Yuk Yuk’s on Tuesday night, the Comedy Monday Night at Dickens isn’t running this week because of the long weekend. Hopefully, next time I make it to Calgary will be on a week that I can hit Dickens as well. I decided not to go up to Edmonton this week … its a lot of driving and from Thursday on I have a pretty busy week, though I will definitely be back up there for another crack at the Crash and Burn Wednesday.

I am probably going to be upgrading the software that runs this blog sometime in the next few days as well. WordPress released the new code version, 2.2, a week or so ago, and it looks like its worth doing the upgrade from a security and functionality perspective. It probably won’t impact users in any way … a good upgrade like this should be wholly transparent to users … but there may be a little down time for the blog here. Always remember though, if there’s something going on here, and the domain is unavailable for some reason but you still REALLY need a dose of Elron, you can always find a duplicate of this blog at Some administration posts don’t get replicated over there, but any “real” posts are always posted there as well as on the main page.

For local Medicine Hat readers, I wanted to send another shout out for the FoleyLoaded comedy show down at the Esplanade this coming weekend. May 25th at 8 PM, Stephanie Foley and guests will entertaining one and all with comedy and music, in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and sponsored in part by Black Ball Billiards and Extream Tattoo. Get your tickets at the Esplanade, the customer service desk of Medicine hat Mall, or online at for $20 each. It’ll be a hilarious night in support of a great cause … how can you go wrong?


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