Around the world in 24 hours and thousands of pictures

My selection for 24 Hours of FlickrWell, the deadline to submit your pictures to the 24 Hours of Flickr photo pool is fast approaching. May 21st is the last day to submit your entry, but the photo pool is already starting to fill out nicely. At last check, there were 6691 photos submitted to the pool, and the frequency of submissions seems to be dropping as time goes on. It seems likely to expect a bit of a spike in submissions just before the deadline, but I expect the bulk of the submissions are already in. My contribution to the project is the photo above, titled Popcorn. Click that picture to see my complete set of pictures from May 5th.

I’ve been trying to go through each and every photo in the pool, and I’m doing not too badly I think. Its slow going, and some pics are obviously of higher quality than others, but one of the most fascinating aspects of it is that its a window into how other people see their lives, their world. Its a portrait of our world and our species that has probably never been taken before, in such detail, from so many different angles, and inasmuch as every photo contributes a small piece to that grand portrait, they are all masterpieces in their own way. Individually, the images range from the mundane to the sublime, with everything in between … taken a a whole, they represent a portrait of rare beauty and scope.


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