Reservoir of Years … a new poem by Lyle Bateman

Its been awhile since I’ve written any new poetry. Its not a process I can force in any way, but once the process starts, its typically not one I can bottle back up again. When the images and words start to come to me, I have to let it flow out, but I’ve found over the years that trying to “push-start” the process isn’t very successful. As such, the poetry comes when it comes and when it doesn’t, well, it doesn’t. This weekend it did, for whatever its worth.

I won’t spend too much time talking about the poem itself, but I do think its worth mentioning where the idea first started. I was browsing through flickr on Saturday, looking at some of the images put up for 24 Hours of Flickr and I came across a lovely little shot of a wrist watch, to which someone else had added a comment quoting the lyrics to Pink Floyd’s “Time.” For the next 36 hours or so, I had those first two lines bouncing around my head …

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way

Those lines formed the beginning of the images for me, and in the end, some 48-60 hours later, what came out of that is below:

Reservoir of Years
by Lyle Bateman © 2007

Seconds drip into a pool of minutes
with the rhythmic plop of a leaky tap
filling our bucket of minutes and hours
pooling into the Days of Our Lives

Dali’s clocks melt into liquid soul
with a steady flow of days
the reservoir of years melts away
leaving a puddle soaking slowly into sand


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