The best kept comedy secret in Calgary

Dickens Pub in downtown Calgary has been a mainstay for decades, both under the name Dickens and in its previous incarnation as Buckingham’s, serving up a comfortable atmosphere, good food and beer, and great live music. Going back at least as far as the 80’s, I can recall several nights of drunken revelry to live blues, specifically a particular night of listening to the Powder Blues Band … I won’t go into details in order to protect the guilty (in this case, almost exclusively me, lol) but suffice to say the night involved my first wife, my not-yet second wife, a former lover of my first wife, and the brother of my not-yet-second wife. All in all, its not a night I’ll soon forget … the stupid thing is that I was having such a great time at the comedy show last night, I didn’t even get to my marriage material and wasn’t even able to relate the story on stage. Oh well, next time …

And there WILL be a next time … Comedy Monday Nights at Dickens is the best kept secret in Calgary, if last night was any indication. My own participation aside, the show was packed with high-end talent doing cutting edge material … if you enjoy watching stand-up, its an excellent chance to get to see some VERY fresh material from some of the best comedians in Calgary and Alberta, including the host and MC, James Moore, Don Wood, Karen O’Keefe, and Daryl Makk, plus many others. Last night turned out to be the 2nd anniversary show (I had no idea before I went), and it was a fun party and a fun show at the same time. And for the record, it was great to see some Edmonton comics in town as well … I didn’t feel so strange for driving 6 hours to do 7 minutes of stand up. Given the cover charge of $0, its not only a fun night of comedy, but its also a helluva value. For the record, James promises favours to anyone who “sells 50 tickets” and the price is certainly right, so if you’re bored next Monday and looking for something to do, head down to Dickens and tell James that Elron sent you … I’m curious what sort of favours he’ll be offering, lol.

The camcorder proved to be a good investment I think. While improving on the quality of the webcam is hardly anything to sing about, given how totally crappy it was, I’m pretty darned happy with the results I got from the Canon ZR800, given what I paid for it … both sound and video turned out quite well. Its not HiDef, and its certainly not videophile quality, but its definitely a marked improvement over what I had and very adequate to the task, for now at least. I’ve posted the video on you-tube (for the record, the you-tube video is a reduced, web-ready version of the original … the original is much better quality, but also nearly 200mb for 7 minutes of comedy, hardly an effective use of bandwidth for now, lol). Check it out if you like, and certainly check out Dickens some Monday night if you have the chance … its the best kept comedy secret in town.


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