A double-stop on the comedy express

Well, the show assignments for next week are up, and I’m trying something this week I’ve never done before. Its been over 15 years since I’ve done more than one show in a week, so thats somewhat unique in and of itself, but the real new thing this week is that I’m going to a club I’ve never set foot in before. When I was doing this the first time around back in the early 90’s, there were a couple of different clubs in Calgary and I performed at both of them, as well as doing the occasional show around southern Alberta, but I never made it north of Calgary.

Next week, along with my normal Tuesday night spot in Calgary, on Wednesday I’ll be driving up to Edmonton to do a show Wednesday night at the Edmonton Yuk Yuk’s. I’ve never even been inside the club as an audience member, never mind on stage in Edmonton, but I’m not too worried about that. I’m not sure who the headliners will be at either club (check the web pages … when I posted this, there was no info up), but I’m looking forward to the chance to work on a new stage with a different audience audience demographic. And for those wondering, its only an urban myth that I will have to translate my show to grunts and screeches for the Edmontonians to understand … I expect single-syllable words will be sufficient.

It should be a fun week, although there is a lot of driving involved. I’ve actually been trying to work on some material about the fact that I regularly drive 5 hours for 5 minutes of stage time … somehow, that seems a poor trade-off … but I can’t quite find the punch-line for that bit at the moment. This week, those numbers get doubled … its a 5 min show in Edmonton too, so next week, it’ll be 10 hours driving for 10 minutes of comedy. As good as my efficiency in marriages might be, my driving-time to comedy-time rate is far higher than normal.


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