Misinformation for fun …

I’ve recently stumbled across a fun little site that I wanted to share with everyone. In some ways, this is a follow-up article to the piece I did a few weeks ago called “Wiki here, Wiki there, Wiki Wiki everywhere” on the growth of information “wikis” on the net in recent months, but a follow-up with a twist. Uncyclopedia is a wiki with a difference … its point in life is not to give accurate, up-to-date information on a particular topic, as is typical for a wiki, but instead to present a parody of just such a site.

In many ways, Uncyclopedia is really “Un-Wikipedia.” The point of Uncyclopedia seems to be satire, both in specific areas of content (my first taste of Uncyclopedia came from a friend’s link to the Kitten Huffing article, and thats a very good starting point for others too, IMO … its a good example of the kind of satire you’ll find), but also in the general sense of parody of wikis themselves. While you will have a lot of fun on Uncyclopedia, you won’t likely find anything “useful” in the traditional sense of that word, and that seems to be the point of all wikis, whether they are general or specific.

I recommend you start with the Kitten Huffing page … it shows the “tone” of what I have seen elsewhere on the site very well. After that, just go to the main page and browse around a bit … there are all sorts of buried gems here. Just don’t expect any useful information … thats not the point of this wiki.


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