I was hungry, did you feed me?

I haven’t raved much about The Hour this year … I like their new format, and I continue to enjoy George’s direct style (I do wish he’d get a bit more in-depth in some cases, but in others, he does fine), but he’s fallen into the curse of excellence … the expectations are so high, it takes something even more spectacular to provoke comment. This past week, he had an especially wonderful interview with Tony Campolo, Bill Clinton’s spiritual adviser. He said something so profound, I’ve rarely heard it from another “Christian” since the main Man himself …

“On [judgment] day, He’s not going to ask you Theological questions … its not going to be “Virgin Birth … strongly agree, somewhat agree, no opinion …” …Its gonna be “I was hungry, did you feed me? I was naked, did you clothe me? I was sick, did you care for me? I was an alien, did you take me in? … because I’m not up in the sky somewhere, I’m waiting to be loved in people who hurt.””

I’ve rarely seen it expressed so succinctly, so beautifully. Its a great joke about the theological questions and its an excellent point about Judgment Day (you can look for Jesus’ questions on that day in Matthew 25) … as he makes crystal clear in Parable of the Good Samaritan, when deciding if you are a neighbour in Christ, ALL that will matter is whether you helped the stranger who had fallen among thieves.

Campolo had a couple of other great comments. In one, he is talking about Christians who use “An eye for an eye” as a justification for support of the DP, and he brings up Jesus’ specific repudiation of that verse in in his commandment to turn the other cheek. And he makes the wonderful comment …

“I’m not trying to be nasty, but i think when Jesus said it was a commandment, I think that means it was a COMMANDMENT.”

And he ended things off with …

“If your enemy hungers, feed him; if he’s sick, care for him; if he’s naked, clothe him. Its radical stuff, but until we start living the way Jesus has called us to live, we ought not to call ourselves followers of Jesus.”

I need to do some more research on this guy … I’d never heard of him before the interview, but he’s right, it IS radical stuff. Damn good stuff too, IMO … check out the whole interview at http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/video.php?id=1401.


3 Responses

  1. Campolo is a great mentor ever since spending a week with him when he spoke at our college. His challenge to live our faith through committed activism is sadly unique in today’s culture.

  2. I am not a Christian but I believe in Christian values and Campolo articulated them far better than I could. It is refreshing and a relief to hear of a man of religion that puts the morals of religion and humanity above the self serving religiolus zealots who would twist the word of God to serve their own ideology.

  3. Hi!

    I have to say that eventhough I am not Christian, nor am I stricly observant to one particular religion, I appreciate warmly rationalized thoughts, and really like what this spiritual advisor had to say about the questions that would have to answered on one distinct day. I beleive that those answers are referrenced on many distinct days, as they are what enable us to learn and mold our every actions and whence, accordingly, transpire a reaction. The fruits of our labour may only be as wholesome as the care we provide onto it. I am motivated by positive re-enforcement and do the same for others. I do not restrict myself to any religion and respect many aspects of most. Just thought that I would share my appreciation and reciprecated views for someone who comes from a different school of thought.
    Thnx, V

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