server is on the mend …

I’m still not really certain why it crashed … it looks like my /bin directory got corrupted in some way, but I think its related more to a disk error than anything else.  When I first rebooted after the crash, the boot sequence failed trying to mount the main logical volume on my system with the error that it couldn’t even find the volume.  I did manage to boot to a recovery CD and view the partition without much incident … after some repair work, I got to the point of being able to boot the volume, but with errors on several service starts, and issues with logging in once it was up.

I was faced with a choice … I can spend more time trying to diagnose what happened, or I could fix the problem and move on for now.  Since there were a few other structural issues I wanted to deal with (the default partitioning scheme fore Fedora Core isn’t particularly conducive to good system operations, IMO, and I foolishly went with the default on last install), I’ve decided to solve the problem with big tools instead of small ones.  That should leave me with a happier, more efficient machine in the end … overall, except for this glitch, I’ve been very happy with the performance of the 64-bit Compaq.

This also gives me a good chance to announce another change I’ve been planning recently.  I’ve been getting increasingly concerned about the .info domain I use for Global Paradigm and my main blog, essentially because .info seems to have been taken over by spammers.  When I registered, I also got, which has just directed everyone to the main .info address recently.  When I signed up for the .info, I did it because I love the idea of a “.information” domain, but it seems more and more like its become a .spam domain instead.  So, as of today when the server comes back up, you’ll perhaps notice that I’ve shifted from using to using as my main domain, though old links and bookmarks should still work … essentially, the .info domain will be relegated to the status the .com domain has had till now, so any old links will just point at the new address.

At the same time, I’ve decided to make some changes over at the “Magazine” side of Global Paradigms.  Of late, I’ve not been doing much but running an RSS feed of some of the blogs I used to feature when I was actively working on it, and after looking a bit at the WordPress MU product, I am seriously thinking of converting the “Magazine” side of this to a blogging network.  I still haven’t worked out all the details yet (bandwidth is expensive, and I need an easy-ish way to weed out spam), but look for more details on that forthcoming.  In the meantime, I’d love to get some initial feedback on how many people might be interested in a “Global Paradigms Blogging Network” and in moving their blog there or creating a new one.  For the record, I’ve already got one other blog running on my servers (though using a standalone WP installation, not through MU), a spiritual blog run by a local friend of mine at

Until I work out more of the details, the will resolve to the blog, and the magazine will be down.  I enjoyed putting it together, and I will likely do something similar again in the future, but for now its time to look to other projects.  The server rebuild is going well at the moment, and I predict we’ll be back on line by the end of the day, barring any further catastrophes.  I’ll post another message here, and any of you who subscribe to the main blog will see the first message I post there when it comes up.  At some point today, when I get time, I’ll also be uploading my video from the comedy show I did last night in Calgary (I’ll probably put this one straight to You-Tube) … of course, the server had to pick a day that I was scheduled to perform 3 hours away to crash.  The show went quite well I think, although I did leave out about a minute worth of material on TV, leaving me 30-45 seconds short on my show.  However, leaving aside the stuff I missed, the stuff I did went over pretty well all around, I think.


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