Some thoughts on preparation …

Well, just thought I’d send out a quick update on my show from Tuesday night … it was an example of the adage that preparation is everything. I’d taken the whole night pretty casually, given how well the last (first) performance went and that was a mistake, as I should have realized. I’d spent a fair bit of time preparing my stuff for the last show, and in hindsight, I realize that’s one of the reasons it went so well.

While I got fairly good crowd reaction to some of the new material I was trying, I had some problems with general delivery. My lack of preparation meant I didn’t have my show order down well in my head, and it didn’t take me long to get flustered and lose my place. I managed to pick everything up and continue, but in retrospect I know that I missed out a lot of material I was planning to do, and I ended up doing the bit about my car, which I hadn’t planned on doing again. That’s why I think preparation was the issue …I ended up falling back on material I did in my last show, when the preparation was more thorough.

Overall though, it was a decent show. I don’t think it was the worst show I’ve ever done … some of the shows I did when I was younger REALLY stunk up the place, for more reasons than just preparation … but it certainly wasn’t the best either. I also had some technical problems with my webcam, so I won’t be able to post the video from this last set … no worries really though, as you aren’t missing a lot.

Just goes to show I can’t take this lightly if I want my shows to go well and to keep progressing. I always knew that of course, but I suppose occasionally I need to prove the point to myself. On the plus side, I did meet a few other comics, and I may have another place to work on my material in Calgary, at Dickens on Monday Night. Its still quite a drive unfortunately, but for now it may be the best I can do.


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