Watch “Manufacturing Consent” online …

Manufacturing Consent – an online link

Most folks who know me will have heard me rave about Noam Chomsky at one time or another … I tend to think he is one of the most important cultural philosophers and ethical commentators of the 20th century, and nearly everything I’ve seen or read of his has been thought provoking and worth my time.  Having said that, as with all “love affairs” with a particular author, my appreciation of Chomsky came from a film I saw, based on his book Manufacturing Consent, more than a decade ago.  It was the first time I had seen anyone say the sorts of things about the media that I had been thinking (I love his quote about sound bites meaning you can’t say anything interesting or you’ll sound like you are from Neptune), and after watching it, I started to seek out other work by Chomsky.

Turns out, I just stumbled across an online version of Manufacturing Consent …;jsessionid=C996233274FE281B869017C0E6841D4F (or … I recommend you check it out … it remains perhaps the best documentary I have ever watched, IMO.


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