New Photos page and New Stats tracking

Elron’s View from the Edge » Photos

The above link should provide more seamless access to my full flickr photo stream from the Global Paradigm blog. You can still see my photos over at flickr if you like their interface, or like to view them separately, but this provides another option that should let you browse the whole stream without ever leaving my blog. There’s no way to comment on them for now, but feel free to explore at will. For those interested, the functionality is provided by the FAlbum plugin … it did take some fiddling to get it inserted into my theme correctly, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.

As well, those with an eagle-eye will notice a new widget at the bottom of the left side-bar over at the Global Paradigm blog. I’ve been using a plugin called Firestats for quite awhile to track some of my statistics for the blog, and I recently upgraded to the new version which includes, as you can see, a nice side-bar widget that lets me report my stats to the world. I should say that i had a glitch during the upgrade, but received excellent support to fix the problem … I recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a nicely formatted stats package that is tightly integrated into the WordPress Dashboard.


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