The cult of First Life

I’m the sort of person who thinks virtual reality is a cool thing. i grew up on a steady diet of cyberpunk, whether it be William Gibson or Ridley Scott, and so the idea of ‘jacking in’ to a virtual world where we can explore an electronic universe is something I can inherently connect to. When I first started to see ads and news stories about Second Life, the new (ish these days, I guess) online virtual world that seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, I thought the idea looked interesting. I’ve even made a couple of attempts to forray into Second Life, and I simply haven’t been able to find the attraction, despite what would seem to be a natural fit.

A friend of mine sent me the above link, and it truly did make me howl. I may give Second Life another try or two before I give up completely on it, but there was much in this parody site that I found worthy and good advice, even while it made me laugh. So rather than play in Second Life, I think I’ll go explore …

a 3D analog world where server lag does not exist

and I might even

Fornicate using your own genitals

if nothing else, I can seek answers to such important questions as

Penguins, spoons and you — what’s life like among the flightless?

Care to join me? First Life isn’t free ofc, but it has the benefit of being mandatory … make the best of it ;-).


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