Elron Steps Out

Every once in a while, we all have to step out of ourselves, take a chance, and do something a bit out of character. While anyone who has known me for for decades rather than years will know this isn’t TOTALLY out of character, the first thing people think of when they think of either Elron or Lyle (I sound a bit like I’m going all split-personality on your asses there, don’t I) is not usually stand-up comedy.

In the early 90’s, I spent about a year trying fairly hard to do stand-up professionally, and failed pretty miserably … I was never really able to get comfortable on stage. It was sort of a whim to try it again … I’ve been working on a bit of material lately, and thinking more and more about it, and I finally decided to jump back on-stage again. I can’t say it was a stellar show, exactly, but considering the 15 year absence, I have to say it went pretty well over all. In a rather weird twist of fate, the MC tonight, Harold Preuse, was a guy who was doing a lot of improv comedy at the club I did most of my amateur nights at, the now defunct Jester’s Comedy Club in Calgary. It felt good to be back in a room I’d performed in so many years ago (I worked mostly at Jester’s, but my very first amateur night was at the old Yuk Yuk’s in Calgary, and one of my last shows was a competition in what was then the new Yuk Yuk’s), and it was doubly nice to have a familiar MC.

I took my laptop and webcam to the show with me … the quality of the video isn’t so great as I was set up quite a ways from the stage and you can’t really tell its me from sight, but its really more about what I say, and I think you can hear me pretty well. I won’t guarentee any laughs, but I did get a few from the crowd … so, hope you enjoy my first stand-up comedy act in 15 years (if you have trouble with the embedded video, you can download the video by pasting this address into your browser bar http://blog.globalparadigm.info/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/lyle-comedy-yukyuks-30jan2007.wmv ). Enjoy :).


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