Seriously cool linking utility …

I found this utility through a very fascinating blog article that just happened to quote my article on the Human Zoo Exhibit with the Adelaide Zoo. Trackbacks and quotes like that are still a rare enough occurence for me that I headed over to see what the article had to say, and beyond the fact that its an interesting discussion of many of the larger issues, the blog used this cool utility for all the links.Essentially, its SUPER easy … it might be tricky for bloggers who can’t edit their header code directly, but as long as you can get in there, Snap makes the process dead easy, in three simple steps. Once you sign up and add the small amount of code, what you get is remarkable, IMO … as users hover over links on your page, a live graphic preview of the target of the link pops up in a call-out bubble. It literally took me less than five minutes for the whole process, and from what I see the result is only positive. I’m curious to hear from people about their experiences … are the previews a problem for people with slower machines? Drop a comment if it causes issues for anyone, but from my perspective, its a VERY cool tool for bloggers.


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