Cows with Puns

The internet is remarkable for the eclectic things you can find on it. Amidst all the corporate presence, one of the hall marks of the internet has always been the opportunity to present a unique opinion to the world. And yet, every so often, I stumble across that is so utterly (udderly?) unique, so wonderfully innovative, so incredibly funny that it stands in an indescribable category all its own.

Such is the case with Cows with Guns, an amazingly inventive short animated film by Bjorn-Magne Stuestol (music by Dana Lyons). I won’t do it the injustice of trying to describe it any further than I already have … it truly is something you simply must watch, and listen closely to, yourself. Its an absurdest comedy extrodinaire, which manages to accomplish the near impossible task of creating bitingly funny puns within a larger message. I think even if you disagree with the larger message about the meat industry, its hard to discount the creativity and sheer inventiveness that went into its creation … no matter what your political stripe, I think you simply HAVE to acknowledge the genius of the person who came up with the pun “Cow Tse Tung” and the story line to make it fit.


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