The Rebate Scam – Part 4

I’d hoped, when I saw the envelope in the mailbox, that this would be my final post on the subject, but I’m not 100% yet. Today I received my rebate cheque from Creative Labs for the webcam I bought recently, and as advertised, its a cheque for $30 Usd. The only problem is that its not quite made out to me … the address and last name are right, but instead of Lyle Bateman for the name on the cheque, its Ryle Bateman. Literally made me laugh out loud when I saw it, lol.

I’ll take the cheque into the bank on Monday. Since its US funds, I can’t put it in through the ATM anyway, so waiting till Monday is something I’d have to do anyway, but I wonder if the bank will even cash it for me, given the mix-up on the name. The fact that all the other info is right, and the name is so close MIGHT be enough for it to go through, but banks aren’t known for leniency when it comes to how cheques are made out either (for very good reason, I might add). So in the end, it means there’s at least one more chapter to this saga … I’ll run another update here after I go to the bank on Monday.

For the record, the last 3 posts on this are here …

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