Bunnies on Bunnies

I may have to just start pointing at Salon‘s Video Dog and directing you there. After yesterday’s Simpson’s clip, today the Dog brings us a bizarre and absurd (in the best meaning of those words) little film that almost defies description going in. The title I chose, Bunnies on Bunnies, is about as close to describing the premise as I could get in a few words, and its likely even a little more bizarre than you are imaging from that title, lol.

I won’t ruin the suspense by going into in detail here … click the picture to the left watch the video at Video Dog … but all I can say is that when I read that “rabbit bites” will be a regular feature on Video Dog, I was ecstatic. Its rare that someone comes up with an idea this good and this original, IMO, and this one is well worth watching.


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