Global Warming – The Arcade Game

If anyone caught the Simpson’s last night, you might have noticed a little gem of a scene that is an example of why the Simpson’s remains one of the pre-eminent examples of social commentary in sitcom form on television, even after almost literally decades at the job. Salon’s Video Dog has the clip of the scene here (for non-members of Salon, use the Free Day Pass to get full access to the sight for the day you do it) and as the Simpson’s have done year in and year out, they manage to encapsulate the irony of public apathy in a very pithy 20 seconds of animation.

From the 3-eyed fish in the pond during the very first season with Marge and Homer, through last night’s poke at apathy and environmentalism, The Simpson’s manages to make incredibly terse visual statements with ease and grace, so fluidly you don’t realize what they are until they are gone. The clip from last night’s show an excellent example of just that. As Marge so eloquently says, “Three years is a long ways away.”


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