I’ve been Dugg!!!!

For anyone unfamiliar with Digg.com, its a recently started online service where members can alert others to news or stories they find on the web. The end result is a fascinating website where you can browse stories of interest on all sorts of topics, selected by other web browsers with similar interests. Its a fascinating idea, a new way of sharing content that is innovating the way we view and organize data.

And, as of today, I’ve been randomly Dugg. My blog entry on the relative size of planets and stars (it remains my most viewed blog entry, but there are a few others that are coming close as well) was added to the list of space stories today sometime, and its generated a fair number of hits for me. Excitement may be a relative thing, but given this is my first random Digg, I am pretty chuffed about it, lol … just wanted to brag a bit *GRIN*.



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