Some statistical landmarks for my blog

Sometime last evening (I am thinking it happened around 6PM on Sept 25th, but I can’t get an accurate time) the 10000th person to visit my blog page hosted by WordPress (don’t worry if you read my blog at Global Paradigm instead … GP is my main blog page, and WordPress is just a mirror of that page).  My blog at Global Paradigm has also been doing fairly well, with 4740 visits since I set it up in late June.  Daily, I am averaging about 150 visits a day at WordPress, plus 230 a day or so at Global Paradigm.

I just wanted to extend a quick thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these pages.  The fact that people seem to want to read what I have to say is very humbling, and I hope that I can continue to inform, entertain, and enlighten you as the weeks and months go on.  Also, I’d like to extend a special thanks to the commenters as well … without comments, the blogosphere can be a very lonely place, an echo chamber with only one voice booming back.  Comments help ground me, both in terms of how I write, and in terms of what I write.  So please, keep commenting, and for readers who haven’t shared their thoughts with me yet, I encourage you to do so on any subject that interests you.

Thank you again for all your support … its wonderful to see so much activity, especially given I’ve only been at this for a few months.  Hope your Tuesday is wonderful.


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