Warsaw – Sep 2, 2005 – Stare and Nowe Miasta

One of the fascinating things about travelling in Europe is the history from a variety of different periods. Most cities have an Old Town, where the original settlement occurred, and one or more New Towns, where populations moved in different ages. In Prague, Old Town is on one side of the river, and later in history, when Charles had the Palace built on the other side of the river, a New Town sprung up underneath the new palace. Each area provided a unique architectural experience.

Warsaw is the same way. Stare Miasta is the old town while Nowe Miasta is new town. My purpose on Sept 2nd was specifically to explore these two areas of downtown Warsaw. Its worth noting that much of Warsaw was levelled during the second world war, including almost all of the historic buildings in Stare Miasta and Nowe Miasta. Reconstruction of the areas was done after the war, and in 1980, the World Heritage Fund noted the “outstanding example of a near-total reconstruction of a span of history covering the 13th to the 20th century.”

Warsaw-Sep-02-05 114 Warsaw-Sep-02-05 132 Warsaw-Sep-02-05 145

Life goes on as normal amidst the historic buildings. Above you can see travellers planning their day, and merchants and customers going about their business in Old Town. Below, a biker does some grind stunts against a railing near the entrance to New Town, and there’s a quiet street reflected in an office window. Finally, just outside of New Town is a square dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising.

Warsaw-Sep-02-05 148 Warsaw-Sep-02-05 187 Warsaw-Sep-02-05 196

One of the things I liked about the hotel I stayed in was the fact that it had a real balcony, where I could actually go out, and sit to enjoy the fresh air. The weather was amazing that week, and I spent a lot of time after dark out on the balcony. Using my tripod, I managed to get a number of pretty good long exposure night shots of the local neighbourhood … its worth noting that the church below on the right is the same church I posted a pic of in my Aug 31 post.

Warsaw-Sep-02-05 207 Warsaw-Sep-02-05 218 Warsaw-Sep-02-05 217


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