Prague – 29 Aug, 2006

Prague-Aug-29-05 017 ol Prague-Aug-29-05 020 ol Prague-Aug-29-05 002 ol

I had 2 main objectives on Aug 29, 2005 … the first was to check out the Tower on Charles Bridge, and the second was to get some shots from the Strana Hill after dark. Though it wasn’t quite as many steps as the St. Nicholas Church tower from the previous day, it was still quite a climb up the tower. Half way up was an information room, where you could stop and watch a short informational video on the tower and bridge. They also have a couple of amazing stained glass windows, and above-right is a nice example of one of them. The other two shots give you a good idea how busy the bridge is on an average day … along the edges, the bridge is lined with merchants selling a variety of touristy-type stuff.

Prague-Aug-29-05 046 ol Prague-Aug-29-05 038 ol Prague-Aug-29-05 062 ol Prague-Aug-29-05 069 ol

In my last travel post, I included several shots from the Strana Hill during the day time. It offers some of the nicest overviews of Prague, and I was dying to try out my tripod after dark for some shots of the lights of Prague. The area itself was a bit dodgy … not sure I’d recommend wandering the area at night by yourself to anyone else … but as you can see above I was able to get some amazing shots. I particularly liked the reflections in the river on the second pic above, but there is something about long-exposure night shots that has always appealed to me. On the way back down the hill, I noticed the metal guys on the stairs were all lit up, and had to snap a pic as well.

My next travel post, tomorrow, will be for my final day in Prague. After that, its on to Warsaw 🙂


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