Prague – 28 Aug, 2006

Prague-Aug-28-05 033 ol Prague-Aug-28-05 063 ol

My colleague Susan had to leave early, and by the morning of the 28th, she was back in Munich awaiting her flight back to San Diego. I decided to spend a few more days before heading on to Warsaw, as there were a few things I still wanted to see. One of the best views in Prague is from the Strana … a large hill across the river from Old Town. The view above on the left is from Strana, overlooking most of New Town directly below, and Old Town across the river. On top of the Strana are public parks, including some amazing rose beds … this was a beautiful example of one of the blooms.

Prague-Aug-28-05 058 ol Prague-Aug-28-05 007 ol

One of Prague’s more famous scientific landmarks is the Stefanik Observatory, also located atop the Strana. On the left above, a statue stands in front of a sundial in front of the observatory. On the right is a series of statues that stand at the bottom of the hill … its hard to make out from my picture, but as you go up the stairs, the statues become less and less ‘complete’ … ie, the higher statues all have missing bits. Very interesting, but no real idea what it means, lol.

Prague-Aug-28-05 132 ol Prague-Aug-28-05 130 ol

Just a few more of the interesting buildings.  On the left is one of the older church buildings in Prague, and on the right is probably one of the most photographed buildings in the city.  Truly fascinating architecture …


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  1. yea, that building on the right is fascinating indeed! good work!

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