Prague – 26-27 Aug, 2006

Prague-Aug-26-05 048 ol Prague-Aug-26-05 049 ol Prague-Aug-26-05 218 ol

The 26th and 27th kind of ran together for us … we did a LOT of walking around, trying to see what there was to see.  Most of my day on the 26th was spent taking pics of flowers … not sure why, but that day the flowers were really grabbing me.  The colours were truly stunning.  We also climbed the tower of St. Nicholas Church, which gave us a stunning overview of the Prague New Town.

Prague-Aug-26-05 201 ol Prague-Aug-26-05 224 ol

The night of the 26th, we had to find a different room, as the Ramada was full.  We went a couple of doors up the street to a wonderful place called the Jalta.  While the room price was a bit higher than we wanted to pay, the hotel is immaculate, the buffet breakfast was the best breakfast I found in Prague, and the staff is very friendly.  Even the fact I had to pay for Internet (very common in Prague … had to pay for net in all hotels I stayed in) didn’t sully the experience, as they had excellent wifi access to the whole hotel, guestrooms included.  The balcony of the room overlooked Wenceslas Square.  All in all, as long as you aren’t looking for budget accommodations, I’d recommend the Jalta to anyone looking for a worry-free experience in Prague.

The final picture I’m posting today is of the busy street leading up to Charles Bridge (Karlov Most) and the bridge itself.  Simply as a stone bridge thats over 6 centuries old, and still in daily use, Karlov Most is worth checking out.  But there’s also an interesting story that goes with its creation.  Built in 1357, it was dedicated at 5:31 AM on Sept 7th of that year, specifically to create the odd number sequence 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 (1357, Sept (9) 7th, at 5:31 AM).  Today, some 6 and a half centuries later, the bridge is still in heavy daily use, as you can see from this shot.  Its a testament to the engineering prowess of the day, IMO … its hard to imagine much of what we build today lasting more than 6 centuries in such good repair.


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