Prague – 25-Aug-05

The overnight from Munich was uneventful. As we were late getting our tickets, we got a normal ticket, rather than a sleeper car … for the record, sleeping in the normal seats on a train is not terribly fun, and after spending an evening looking for and finding the Hofbrauhaus, neither Susan nor I were feeling our best when we arrived in Prague around 0700.

First order of business was some food prior to finding a place to stay. Walking up from the train station, we found the McDonalds at the top of Wenceslas Square and sat down for a burger and fries (even though it was 0700, they were serving burgers, not breakfast stuff, lol). Being a weekday morning, the streets of downtown Prague were teaming with people, and even though we were both exhausted, it was fascinating to watch the people.

After breakfast, we walked down Wenceslas Square a bit to the Ramada Hotel, where we found a very nice room to share. Since we were both exhausted, we decided to have a real nap in the room before setting out for the day, and it didn’t take long for both of us be asleep.

The rest of the day was a bit cloudy and rainy, though mostly drizzling as opposed to truly raining. We were still able to do a fair bit of sightseeing after we woke up from our nap, getting our first look at the Old Town Square, Karlov Most, and the general downtown area. The pedestrian mall in Prague had sculptures all around it, as a public outdoor art show. I’ll include more pics of the other art on another day, but one of the centre-piece sculptures was a line of partly-naked metal men and I just had to get a shot of myself beside one. This begs the question … is a bronze penis obscene?

Prague-Aug-25-05 009 ol.jpg
Metal Men on Prague’s Wenceslas Square

That evening, I went out with my tripod onto Wenceslas Square. The National Museum at night is definitely a sight to behold, and the entire Wenceslas Square is a beehive of activity, even at night. Its worth noting some of the history of Wenceslas Square here … in 1968, the residents of Prague took to the streets against Soviet occupation, and gathered in Wenceslas Square. The demonstration was put down violently by the government, but very little remains to remind the visitor of the event. Near the base of the stairs to the National Museum is a cross embedded in the sidewalk, and while I was there, it seemed to always have flowers on it, though I never actually saw anyone leave flowers (I blogged about this in another post as well). While I didn’t see any plaque commemorating the event, I expect this cross is intended as a memorial for the citizens who died on the Square in 1968.

Prague-Aug-25-05 103 ol.jpgPrague-Aug-25-05 097 ol.jpgPrague-Aug-25-05 076 ol.jpg
From left to right: The Praha Cross, in front of the National Museum; Wenceslas Square at night; The National Museum at night

A Panorama of Prague and Karlov Most, with labels pointing out important landmarks

Check out these photos and more from Prague on my Prague set at Flickr.


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