Munich – Aug 24, 2005

By the 24th of August, we were finished out work, and my colleague Susan and I decided to travel a bit before coming home.  We both were interested in seeing Prague, but Susan had a rental car she needed to return in Munich, so that was our first stop.  After returning the car at the airport, we rode transit into the city centre to wait for our overnight train to Prague.

Munchen-Trip-Aug-05 023 ol.jpg
Grape vines on the road to Munich

Our first stop when we got downtown was the train station to get our tickets for Prague.  Munich train station is quite a sight to behold … the size of a small airport with just as much hustle and bustle.  After we got our tickets, we had several hours to kill, so we wandered through downtown Munich in search of the Hofbrauhaus for some beers.  For the record, if you’re ever in Munich, the Hofbrauhaus is definitely the place to get beer.  Along the way we saw some cool lion sculptures on the street and stopped for some nice Italian wine.

Munchen-Trip-Aug-05 041 ol.jpg  Munchen-Trip-Aug-05 051 ol.jpg Munchen-Trip-Aug-05 061 ol.jpg Munchen-Trip-Aug-05 071 mod ol.jpg

From left to right: Munich train Station, the fountain across from the station, Me and a lion sculpture, and Munich in White Wine … find all of these pics and more at my Flickr page for Germany


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