Aug 20, 2005 – Nurnberger

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting ‘travel blog’ posts about my trip to Europe last year. I am going to try and match up the days as closely as possible, but I might miss the odd day, or get it a bot wrong.

To start this all off, I actually took this trip to Nuremberg while I was still working. We had an afternoon off one of the days we were starting up, so my colleague Susan and I drove from Weiden to Nuremberg for the afternoon.

Nurnberg-Aug-05 003.jpg
The bridge sign entering Nuremberg

Like many European cities, there is an ‘Old Town’ near the centre with more modern communities outside the old walls. Once through the gates for ancient walls, you can wander around the older buildings. In Nuremberg, one of the most popular is the citadel on the hill where the WWII war crimes trials were held. and the walk up the hill provides some stunning views of the rest of Nuremberg.

Nurnberg-Aug-05 007.jpg Nurnberg-Aug-05 015ol.jpg Nurnberg-Aug-05 017.jpg
Old Town gates, and views of Nuremberg on the way up the hill
Some of the architecture here was truly remarkable, with towers and spires of brick and rock. The Palace itself is fascinating … we were there too late in the day for a tour of the inside, but we did manage a decent look around the outside.

Nurnberg-Aug-05 022.jpg Nurnberg-Aug-05 030.jpg Nurnberg-Aug-05 037.jpg Nurnberg-Aug-05 026ol.jpg
Three shots of the architecture, plus an unknown mountain biker who wanted a shot with me


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