Fun with Geography …


I’m a geek in a number of ways, but maps have always been one of my secret loves. Programs like Google Earth are very addictive for someone like me … I sometimes jokingly (?) refer to it as ‘geo-porn.’ One of the things I like to do with it is map out places I’ve been in the past, and peak in. As many of you know, I spent 5 years in Lagos in the 90’s, and I’d always been a bit disappointed in the level of quality, as evidenced by the first pic.

I recently noticed a new section of imagery in Google Earth for Lagos, though not the section I lived in (incidentally, I lived and worked about dead centre of the top image), and i was browsing close up through some of it when I stumbled on an unusual one. Cars and sometimes even people are common in GE, at low res usually, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen an airplane. Its clearly in flight … and I wonder what the odds of catching a plane in flight are? Seems to be a pretty good shot though, lol


The actual reason I was searching was to see if I could find a “go-slow.” It wasn’t hard … look for a major road and scan it for a few miles, lol. This is the first one I found, lol … usually, anyplace where go-slows happened, traders gathered. There was certainly some sort of causal/symbiotic relationship between the two, but it seemed FAR more complex than a simple “one causes the other.” For the record, the airplane is 1.25km from the intersection.



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