Modern Mechanix … You can’t do that today!!!

One of the things I love about the Modern Mechanix blog is that it gives us glimpse into how differently people in the past thought.  It reminds us that even scientists can get it horribly wrong from time to time, and sometimes ‘conventional wisdom’ is anything but wise.

Today’s highlighted entries from Modern Mechanix highlight some articles that simply couldn’t exist today, for a variety of reasons.


Its not hard to see the problems with this one, lol.  Anyone think Greenpeace might have a few problems with the electric harpoon?  Certainly, if the whaling industry managed to slide the electric harpoon past Greenpeace unnoticed, using automatic weapons on sea lions surely couldn’t escape attention, lol.  The quote about how ” The electrocution of whales is expected to greatly diminish this loss of life and property.” is priceless … I suppose that was never intended to apply to the whales.


This one isn’t going to run afoul of any animal rights groups, but I think the CSA might have a few things to say about these low-power electrical paddles.  “Milady’s complexion” might very well “benefit immensely” with the use of this “massage tool” but it seems pretty close to electro-shock treatment to me, even if it is on a lower power setting.  The last line makes me howl … “If need be, the operator can wear rubber gloves.”  Ummmmmm, OK … while applying it to the unprotected face of Milady?  Somehow, I think I’m gonna question why HE needs to wear gloves while he shocks me … wouldn’t he just want better complexion for his hands?


This one wasn’t so much an example of something you couldn’t do today, but instead a few examples of products that, based on today’s knowledge, we might wonder about.  The asbestos fire-suit and parasol were the main one on here that caught my eye … ofc from today’s perspective, that suit is as much of a death trap as the fire its supposed to protect from.  The other one on here that I thought was ironic, part of the “we’ve come a long way baby” file, was the ‘portable kitchen.’  Its just hard for me to imagine a glorified hot dog cart being considered the height of high tech.


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