Chandra – Dark Matter discovered?

Chandra :: Photo Album
NASA Announces Dark Matter Discovery
Astronomers will announce how dark and normal matter have been forced apart in an extraordinarily energetic collision at 1 p.m. EDT Monday, Aug. 21.

Thats a short announcement, with very little fanfare, but if it says what it seems to say, its likely one of the most important press conferences in the history of physics and cosmology. “Dark Matter” has long been the elusive question and answer in the universe, postulated as a way to explain some things, but never experimentally verified or observed. If, in fact, ‘dark matter’ has been isolated … that’s beyond big, IMO … that’s freakin’ HUGE!!!!

Here’s another link, directly from NASA …

UPDATE: 22-Aug-06 – See

Chandra – Dark Matter Discovered!!!!

By Elron Steele

for an update on the announcement …


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