Outside of time …

I’ve always wondered what I look like from outside time.  I’m not sure this question is even meaningful to anyone else, so i’ll try to explain what I am talking about.

A lot of my thinking is directed towards time, no matter what the subject.  History is the study of humanity through time.  Cosmology is fundamentally about the physical nature of time.  Philosophy is largely about the psychic nature of time.  Our perception of time forms a fundamental part not only of who we are, but it defines how we view the universe in the most fundamental way.

That is, of course, as a series of ‘time slices.’  Its fairly well established in physics (at least for the purposes of the math) that time forms a 4th dimension to the 3 dimensions of space we are used to.  Like height is a right angle to length and width, it is also a 4d right angle to age.  Our perception of the universe at any given moment would seem to be a 3-d ‘slice’ of this 4-d space.

Its easier to see with historical figures … lets use Einstein, since he is the father of relativity.  Einstein forms a discrete 4 dimensional shape, if you were to trace his life out in such a space.  His 3 dimensional size would vary in the temporal direction, but its easy to see the life of Einstein forms a discrete ‘worm’ in 4 dimensional space.

Where does that leave me?  Am I half a worm?  That’s only partly a facetious question … I can pretty easily trace my 4-d outline to this ‘point in time’ but that’s where I run into trouble.  What IS the difference between past and future, ultimately?  We humans clearly see it as a one-way thing, a ‘stream, flowing’ from past to future, but physics doesn’t really care.  The math works no matter what direction ‘time flows’ … but it always seems to flow one direction for us.  Are ‘new nows’ being created with each moment in time, or are we simply experiencing successive slices of an existing space?

Its easy(ish) to see Einstein as a discrete 4d object, with our view from the present (his future, you might note) … as we carve our way through the present, its harder to see ourselves in the same way.  But in 100 years, it will be as easy to see me as a discrete 4d worm as Einstein, assuming anyone cares to look at me, and 100 years ago, in 1906, Albert Einstein was about 1/3rd of a 4d worm.

Thats why I wonder what I look like ‘outside of time.’  I wish I could see, or conceptualize, in true 4d, like I can in 3d, so i could understand how I look in 4d space.  That doesn’t seem likely any time soon, so for the time being, we are stuck with clumsy metaphors like ‘worms.’  I just want to know what I REALLY look like, not just what I look like at a particular point in time.


6 Responses

  1. Time is merely change, we use seconds, etc. to measure the distance between two occurances. Time moves not, it is only illusion. For to undo change is still change.

  2. The doctor did this already at least once he went outside of all of time and showed us what it just might look like it was most interesting there was really nothing there to really look at because it is outside of all of time and space so being a timelord he can do this he also went into N space which is another space altogher way beyond our own space and time so to think there is nothing beyond our own space and time is really quite ridiclous just because we might someday not be here to measure or record time and space does not mean it will ever stop it will continue without us as it always has time and space has no end or beginning it just is always there it never really ever ends it goes on forever and ever with no end ever!


  3. Well, imagine a 3-d image of yourself from birth to death, with one image every millisecond (we’ll round for simplicities sake). That’s a rough sketch of what you’d look like outside of time, in the 4th dimension. Bees can see ultraviolet light, maybe it’ll be possible for humans to see into the fourth dimension? Haha

  4. I kind of imagine a trail of myself following me everywhere i go. like when you go and turn on a light or something, you’d leave a trail of your arm there permenantly.

    If this is the trail i leave, everyone’s trails mushed together would be like a big patchwork of lives

  5. If we go “outside time” we won’t experience thought or motion like we normally do because we live “inside time”.

    If we were outside time and could see inside time we might be able to see everything from before time started to the “end of time” (Chrono trigger) and every possible time line including Einstein’s 4d worm that by now is effecting time beyond his death because we are talking about him right now. when you go outside space-time things can get a little quirky.

    “Reality is only an illusion of the mind – Gerald.B”

  6. Time is like an orange, and our very concept our ideas about Time is the peel. Every piece in every section is a spilt second of time. The seed is our lives, we exist in Time and in every time period we exist. I believe that becoming so enlightened one can basically lock ourselves outside of time. Our lives will neither end nor begin because we exist in everytime and at any given moment we are either living, dying, or born.

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