Clerks II (2006) – a belated review

Clerks II (2006)

I went to see this with a friend on Thursday night last week and I’d certainly recommend this to any fans of the original movie.  Everyone is a bit older, a bit wiser(?), a bit chubbier, but everyone are still Clerks really.  Without wanting to give away much of the plot (although in true Kevin Smith fashion, the plot is almost irrelevant here), there’s a very nice story arc between this one and the first, and to me, the seem to stand very well on their own as two movies, fit together as a cohesive whole, and still leave me wondering about the future.  Nice trick to leave us wanting more, while wrapping up the story, but Smith is full of ‘nice tricks.’

As in the original, and several other movies, Smith plays the silent half of Jay and Silent Bob, along with writing/directing duties, and he does it well.  He can say more while silent than a lot of actors say with full speech, but its also clear here that in silent Bob, he and Jason Mewes are caricatures of characters.  In many ways, they mirror Dante and Randall in comic strip ways, and its fairly clear that while he may be playing Silent Bob, Kevin Smith is associating himself with Dante, if anyone in the film.

The thing I loved most about Clerks II was the same as the original … the reality.  Its one thing to tell a ‘real’ story … we all have those, and some of them are very good.  We usually go to the movies to escape the world we live in, to replace it with a screen version that is a little cleaner than the real one.  The houses are all a bit bigger and nicer, the people a bit thinner and prettier, the cars a bit faster and cleaner.  Most movies are happy to give that to us, and if they don’t, we often don’t react well.  And yet Kevin Smith is able to give us the real world and make us laugh at it.  The cars in his movies aren’t new, or ‘old for comic effect’ … they are simply the cars you see on the road outside your house.  There are trays left on the tables in Mooby’s … the treasure of Kevin Smith is that he lets us laugh at the real world.


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  1. I don’t do movie theatres…I boycott them, too impersonal, noisy, dirty, and expensive for me…but I sooo can’t wait to rent it on dvd. If it pleases me enough, I’ll go out and buy it.

    Kevin Smith rules!!!!!

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