Spotty Posting …

… Its summer, what can I say? I’ve been off work for a little time, running errands and catching up on my “real life” after my last stint of insane work hours (and just before the next one, lol). I’ve been doing some work over at Global Paradigm as well … I’ve found a couple of new writer’s to provide articles, and some amazing new photographers. Content is starting to pile up, and I am considering presentation formats.

One of the ideas I have is more of a ‘magazine’ format where there is a more static front page that relates to a specific issue (weekly, daily, however it works out). It would be changed when the issue is changed, and provide links to the articles and phots with teaser’s for that week.

Another possibility is more of a topic based arrangement. Rather than presenting content in order of post, I could display content by Category, with the latest content in each category group showing up in individual windows, and not mixing with other content.

That’s whats been going on … posting is likely to be a bit sporadic for now. You’ll see stuff both here and over at Global Paradigm … so keep watching :).


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