More Modern Mechanix Minutia …

Sometimes, it’ll be a month or more between my visits to Modern Mechanix but all that means is I’ll find more fascinating bits, lol. I think one of the reasons I go so infrequently is I know that I could easily spend a LOT of time daily at the sight.

Spent a few hours yesterday wandering through his past few weeks of posts, and there are some gems as usual … just a quick rundown of fascinating info from science of the past …

Detroit’s Latest Plastic Fantasies

There are some very beautiful and surprisingly modern cars in this set … I wonder how many Wildcat II’s are left around ;-)?


This was one of those ads that just couldn’t get to print today … aren’t there regulations about that sorta thing?  I’m sure you gotta take a test or something, lol.

Building Stratosphere Air-Liners

This was a fascinating look at the future of air travel from Allan Lockheed in 1935.  I loved some of the unusual dual-prop designs.  Some classic ads on the back pages here too … I especially like the “Be a Civil Engineer” ad from the American Technical Society on the fourth scanned page *G*.

Catapult Hurls Man into Lake

Ummm, what more can ya say here.  Its a surprisingly simple device … note that they thought of a special slide board to “avoid chafing as he flies off the sled while the latter comes to a sudden stop at the top of the incline.”  The obvious question here being … is chafing REALLY your biggest worry here?  The Monty Python crew would have loved one of these I think …

U.S. Steel & Univac

This was the height of computing technology in 1956.  Check out that operator’s console in the drawing … Windows are for weenies 😉

Rider “Tailored” to Motorbike to Set 170 m.p.h. Record

This HAS to be the world’s first crotch rocket … where the heck can I get me one of those?  *G*

1979 Review of the Cray-1 Supercomputer

23 years after Univac, the height of computing tech was a Cray.  As they point out at MM, a modern Pentium 4 is about 30 times faster than the Cray, and modern super-clusters are moving into 10’s and 100’s of terraflops now.  The picture on scanned page 3 makes me shudder as a system administrator, lol.


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