– look at me

Look at Me, a collection of found photos

This is one of those websites where I can get lost for hours. There’s something compelling about old photos for me … there’s an almost eerie sense of recognition, alongside a sense of discovering the unknown. The mix of the unknowable and the familiarity is very compelling for me.

And, as I discovered, for a lot of other people. The existence of the website itself speaks to the fact that at least one person or roganization thought it was worthwhile. But when I posted this address to some of my Yahoo groups, the response i got was almost equally fascinating. It seems that a lot of people are drawn to the mystery of old photos.

anitsirhc started it off with:

-that was *really* cool. I used to have an old photo…when i lived
in montreal there was this antique shop that sold old photos..same
sort of thing…old snapshots, no date, no name nothing. I really
liked one and bought it and put her in aframe. For a long while i
carted that pic around with me thru every move and put her out. Most
people just assumed she was a relative..and most of the time i just
said she was. But for me…she represented in an odd way all of the
people who came before me….represented all of humanity in one pic.
The girl in the picture would have thought iwas cracked too i think
lol. Shes in a box somewhere now….lost since my last move when the
pictures of my kids became more important.

Stacy said:

I totally get this as well. I once bought a OLD maternity book (this thing is a trip) but inside was a small portrait and I was mesmerized she was every woman in the past who read these books, was excited about birth, who knew nothing of what she was going through because the world would not tell her. The picture spoke louder to me than the book did….

I also love old pictures

Doug added:

LOL I can stare at old photos endlessly. They are magic, a moment in
time caught forever. Thought I was the only one so afflicted.

I hope you enjoy your time there … some of the photos are haunting, some sweet, some funny, but they are all fascinating.


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