Exercise season …

My posting will be a bit spotty over the next few weeks.   For those who don’t know me personally, my day job is comupter support for military training exercises.  Thats means that when soldies are on the ground doing training, I work much the same hours the soldiers do.  We support 24/7, on 12 hour shifts, so my life outside of work is pretty much moot during this period.

This is day 13 straight for me as well, and I am getting a little punchy, lol.  I will still post when I get time (and anyone with military training knows that exrcises contain a LOT of time waiting for stuff t happen), but I also won’t guarentee quality when I am working for 15 days straight, lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to send out a quick message to let everyone know why the post volume has dropped a bit.  It will come back, and you’ll even see some days that are similar to normal.  Hope everyone else enjoys their summer, but for the record, these stupid shifts are the reason I get so much time off i winter )


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