Yahoo! Video – Live Shuttle Feed

Update Sept 12, 2006:
Yahoo Link doesn’t seem to work …
New Link direct to NASA TV here …
Yahoo! Video – Live Shuttle Feed

For all you space geeks out there, I was alerted to a VERY cool web-page by a friend over the weekend. Yahoo is streaming live footage from NASA TV’s coverage of the STS-121 mission. Not only is the video live and streaming, but they are also streaming all the radio chatter as well.

Saturday I watched as they tested out the Canadarm for use with people attached for repairs and camera work. It was a bit of a jury-rigged setup, as they were trying to do things that were never thought of in design phase, and trying to see parts of the Shuttle that no one ever expected to look at during a mission. From all reports, the arm and the space walkers performed admirably, and at present, they are doing some of the work they were testing for over the weekend.

One of the reasons I like to watch is to remind myself that whatever “job stress” I may THINK I have in my life, there are people who are in a wholly different stress level setting from me, lol. Even if you discount the astronauts hanging out in space, orbiting at 18000kph in a vacuum, and trying to work fine adjustments with the heaviest gloves you’ve ever worn, there are the NASA mission specialists, sitting on control rooms at Houston, doing their jobs to keep the astronauts safe while the world watches live. Dunno about any of you readers, but its bad enough when I have someone looking over my shoulder while I am trying to solve a problem … I’ll pass on the “live on international TV and streaming video” part, lol.

Well, I just wanted to highlight the page for people … I’ve been watching a lot of it over the past few days, and probably lots more too, lol 🙂


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