715 Megapixel Sydney by Night … WOW!!!

715 Megapixel Sydney by Night

About all I can say about this photo is WOW!!!!  The level of detail and clarity in phenomenal.  Not sure whether this in a single image done with an incredibly powerful dig camera (not sure a scanned film image could ever get that level of zoom detail, no matter what the scan resolution) or whether its a collection of images spliced together.

If its the former, it represents the largest digital picture I’ve ever seen.  There are some professional cameras I’ve seen in the 10-30 MP range, but nothing capable of this sort of detail.  If its a compilation of shots, then I’ve never seen a stitching job done so seamlessly and accurately.  I admit I haven’t gone over the whole image, but I went through a significant portion of it at the highest zoom level, and couldn’t see any stitch lines.

Either way, it represents an amazing photograph.  If anyone knows how this is done, I’d love a quick primer on it.  Post in comments, or send me email.


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  1. Thanks for sharing…what a wonderful photo…


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