Bush to the media: Shut up and wave the flag | Salon.com

Bush to the media: Shut up and wave the flag | Salon.com

This is an excellent bit on why freedom of the press is so important.  It’s historical, and it does make some inferences and assumptions, but they all seem bang on to me.

The way Goodman draws the parallel from WW1 to present say, from the breakup of the Ottoman Empire to today’s issues in the Baltics, from the creation of Iraq and Palestine to toady’s mid-east problems, from the collapse of the Wiemar republic, through Hitler to the cold-war is wonderful to see.  Its nice to see someone else tracing the paths that I have seen all my life through the 20th century.

Tying it all back to press muzzles prior to the Great War is genius, IMO.  There’s a compelling logic to the idea that when truth is the first casualty, all that comes after is bound to be tainted.

My concern mostly is about the person who will write this article 100 years from now.  Will people be saying that a 21st century full of violence is the result of truth being a casualty at the beginning yet again?  Will the paths through the 21st century be as easy to follow historically as those through the 20th?  Given the way the press is being accused of treason for reporting truth, it doesn’t seem like so much of a stretch.


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