Puppets Who Kill …

There are times when words are simply insufficient to truly describe something. The title “Puppets Who Kill” is such literal truth in advertising that its hard to visualize it without actually watching an episode or two. It seems too absurd for words, and, in fact, it is … yet its one of the most original and funniest shows around.

Imagine a half-way house for criminal puppets. The Bill ventriloquist’s dummy is an easy cliche … Buttons the Bear, the corporate sponsor who lost it all for reasons of moral turpitude, or Cuddles the comfort doll, are far less easy.

It sounds like an absurdist play … a sort of “Samuel Beckett meets the Muppets meets Ren and Stimpy” half hour thats hard to describe completely in words. Its produced by Canada’s Comedy Network, so I don’t know how much exposure its getting around the world, but next to Corner Gas, its probably Canada’s most innovative comedy show, at least that I’ve seen. If you live in Canada, look for it on Comedy Network … if not, check out the website … its a very odd, but VERY funny show, lol


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