The Praha Cross

The Praha Cross
Originally uploaded by Elron6900.

This is another photo from my trip to Prague in '05. This cross is embedded in the sidewalk outside the National Museum, at the top of Wenceslas Square. There was no plaque anywhere around I could see indicating an artist, and while there always seemed to be flowers there, after 7 days I never actually saw anyone leave any flowers. I snapped this shot from above, standing on the steps of the National Museum using a tripod and long exposure, after dark.

I left Prgaue unsure whether this was intended as public art, religious fervour, or some combination of the two. But regardless, i find myself drawn back to the picture time and time again.


3 Responses

  1. Good photo. Kinda leaves a (however unintentional) message…


  2. hey im not to sure if anyone knows why the cross is there or if there is of any significance. I would really like some information on it while there i couldnt find anyone who could tell me about it but im still curious. If you can tell me anything e mail thanks

  3. hey i ended up e mailing a lady at the national museum about the cross and she sent me a link to an informative web site

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