I’ve seen email scams before …

… but I LOVE this picture, lol. This fellow has gone to a great deal of trouble over this, lol, and the ironic thing about it is, having spent 5 years in Nigeria, it could ALL be true. There could very well have been a government contract that gets paid out in a trunk full of cash to someone who died … thats the irony of 419 in Nigeria (for the record, 419 is a slang term used in Lagos for fraud, and is also the number of the criminal code section covering it for Nigeria).

This is the most elaborate one I've seen, by far, lol. I've been personally contacted, and the guy also sent me a scanned 'certificate' from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, along with this picture, lol. Maybe I should give the guy an address … that WOULD be a cool trunk to see on my doorstep, LMAO. See the text of his message with the pic below … anyone have an address they wanna take the chance with????? LMFAO

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Greg Bond < greg_solicitors@hotmail.co.uk >
Date: Apr 20, 2006 10:04 AM
Subject: Important Notice
To: elron6900@gmail.comDear Elron Steele,

I have arranged with our governmental courier service to deliver the
funds($12.5m) in a suitcase to you in Canada through a diplomat means.

The Funds($12.5m) has been arranged in the suitcase for delivery at your
door step. Please confirm the address of your chioce, your phone# to enable
the diplamats contact you once they arrive Canada.

Below is the attachment of the truck box containing the funds .

Thanks for your co-operation
Barrister Greg Bond


2 Responses

  1. that would be nice to receive money as spam (instead of those letters). Is such trash written by real people?

  2. Wow…
    This one really takes the cake! It must have taken someone an awfully long time to cut up all that paper into “stacks of bills”

    can I link this from my site email scams info?

    Editor’s Note: Sure, go ahead and link in … I always like to have more publicity of stuff like this

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