Spring is here …

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris …
I wonder where the birdies is?

Well, got my first good pics of a robin today … a sure sign that spring is here in these parts. We'll still get more snow and cold weather, but winter cannot escape death now, and summer cannot escape birth.

This little guy was sighted between Medicine Hat and Calgary, on the #1, at a rest stop colloquially known as the "Brooks Billion Dollar Bathrooms" because of its legendary 'pork' creation, lol. Regardless, it provides a nice spot along the highway that's a step up from porta-potties and bare land. The other pic I took today frame's the Canadian and Alberta flags in the background, but I think the tree branches obscure the image too much.

It was a bit of a challenge to get the shots. I don't have a great zoom on my camera, and I ended up chasing the robin around a bit until I managed to get a couple of decent shots. But I really couldn't get close enough to get any great pics with my current camera … it's certainly NOT built for bird photography, LMAO.

I also took some pics at this spot a few months back, when the snow was fresh … I'll add one of those at the end of this as an example of the winter we are trying to kill. Despite the cold, the icy roads, the dirty, slushy world, a fresh coating of ice and snow gives the world a stark, freshness that is only possible in the dead of winter. I travel past this point fairly regularly, and its an interesting spot … perhaps I will try to take roughly the same picture throughout the year, and watch how nature changes the same point in space. Interesting idea? Please leave comments, and in the meantime, I leave you memories of a winter wonderland …


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  1. Great spring pictures…cool post.


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