odd treasures …

… are in strange places, and always valued more in some quarters than others. I stumbled across some old journals of mine tonight, including at least one that, coincidentally, covers press clippings and commentary of events in early 1991 during the first Gulf war in Iraq. Not sure if anyone would be interested in more or not, but a couple of clipped articles made me chuckle and think of today as well. I can scan the rest of these articles if anyone is interested, but I thought it was interesting that the postwar without Saddam took 15 years to acheive and looks like it does today. I don’t suppose Eric Margolis, in his wildest nightmares, would have written it quite that nefariously back in 1991, lol … but he was trying to speak the truth then too.

Is anyone interested in seeing some of the other stuff I clipped and wrote? My writing is handwritten, so I expect no one but myself will ever decipher it … if people want to read it, I will have to transcribe it, lol. Not sure its worth the effort … I’m still not sure what all is in them, but the last entry I can find is about me leaving for an exciting new adventure in Africa in May of 1993, LMAO. It feels like a lifetime ago … its a bit eery actually, lol.


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  1. Here is my comment…I love you…

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